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Oct 20, 2023

Hi and Welcome!

Chances are you are reading these lines because we have met in person during one of my workshops, reatreats or maybe we have interacted in another way via social media. Either way, great to have you here!

Through my years as a Personal Trainer, Master Trainer & Entrepreneur in the Fitness Industry, and my work as a Mindset Coach and Business Trainer I have access to a wide network throughout these industries.

This page is to pass on some of the benefits, disocunts, resources (some of them free), that are either coming through my highly valued partners or resources have created myself for you!

Here you go, and feel free to pass around the resources and codes!

"Giving is Living" - Tony Robbins

Vivo Barfoot Shoes
10% Discount

VIVO BAREFOOT Shoes - 10% Discount with my ambassadors code SASCHA10

In my opinion one of the best barefoot shoe brands out there Vivo Barefoot! Do your research, read some reviews, then use Code "SASCHA10" for any order in Germany, UK and USA to receive 10% on your new paier of Vivos!Vivo Barefoot Website:

Tony Robbins Audio Programs
10% Discount

By now, you may or may not know, I am not only a huge fan of Tony Robbins, but I am also on his international team as a coach and business trainer.

Tony provides amazing resources for you to tap into your potential to always take your life to the next level. Events, Coaching, Business Training and Audio Programs. 

I absolutely love his Audio Programs! Listening to these programs almost daily and having gone though them multiple times each, you will always find something new to implement into your life and level up!

The Audio programs cover all important areas of life from "The Body You deserve" (9+ hours), "Creating Lasting Change" (10 day Leadership Audio Program), to "Ultimate Edge" (20+ hours), "Personal Power" (19+ hours), "Mastering Influence" (11+ hours), "Time Of Your Life" (14+hours), and "Ultimate Relationship Program" (10+hours".

If you are not sure which program would be the right one for you, ask me via the whatsapp contact button on the bottom right of this page, or send me an email to [email protected] with what you want to work on and I will let you know my suggestion.

Find all the programs here and get a 10% discount at checkout with my code "Muller.S"
Tony Robbins Website:

Business Growth Resource for The Fitness Professional

FREE Download

In this free PDF workbook you get tested and proven strategies to growing your business as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and fitness professional, and you receive valuable tools for your own personal transformation. A PDF workbook straight out of the experience from 10+ years in the fitness industry and the background mindset coach and business trainer!

A free resource that has the potential to create your next breakthrough!
Download here

Coaching - the best investment you can ever do is in your own growth and development!

Work with Sascha Muller as your life coach and business trainer! #ThisDrivesMe

With me as your coach on your side you will get the strategies to step up, to level up and create the life you want! With close to 1000 thousand coaching sessions in 2023 alone by October I offer you tested and proven strategies!

Apply here for coaching with Sascha

ZERORM - Isometric Training

10% Discount 

The first worldwide innovative all-in-one strap design for Isometric Training. My personal belief of what a good training routine should look like is along the concept of variety. "Variety is the spice of life" to use Tony Robbins' words. For me this tool played an essential role on a recovery journey from nerve damage after a grappling/bjj incident. I love the company and the people behind the concept and the business!

Use Code SASCHA for 10% discount on your order: 


More information about the amazing movement concept Animal Flow that I have been teaching internationally in 2 languages as a Master Instructor since 2016 - HERE!

Unsure were to start with Animal Flow, then watch this short video about your options: 

Nurecover Portable Ice Bath
15% Discount

If you are as big of a fan of cold exposure you can get your own mobile and portable ice bath from Nureceover for a 15% discount with my code -> SASCHA12136 - Order here:


FREE MONTH & WHOOP BAND to optimize your recovery!

Use THIS CODE and receive your whoop band for free and a complimentary free month to your subscription.

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This page is frequently being updated, make sure to bookmark and come back again soon for some exciting news and cooperations.

Sascha Müller