What you will find in this video:

0 - 3:35 Introduction

3:35 - 5:45 “How do you define longevity from a functional medicine standpoint?”

5:45 - 8:06 “How do demographics factor into longevity?

8:06 - 13:06 “Dr. Bob Rakowski going into detail on his 33 years of education from engineering to traditional and functional medicine”

13:06 - 18:10 “Dr Bob`s Magnicifent 7 as baseline principle to act on your longevity as a daily operation”

18:10 - 23:45 “What are the key metrics of longevity?”

23:45 - 28:15 “Is organic food really worth the investment?”

28:15 - 32:10 “What is the hype around medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordyceps and Lionsmane?”

32:10 - 36:00 “The Deadly Quartet - Inflammation”

36:00 - 38:15 “How do medicinal mushrooms enhance immune function?”

38:15 - 40:50 “What makes our Reishi Infused Tee and Coffee so much more Powerful?

40:50 - 46:10 “How powerful are Reishi and Cordyceps in regulating the oxygen updatake?”

46:10 - 46:45 „The One Box Challenge“

46:45 - 50:45 „How we help coaches and trainers to add value to their clients, gain reach and build a business to leverage their time?“

50:45 - 53:25 „How can this business model help you to buy back your time?“

53:25 - 56:00 „Cognition - Master Your Mind & Reach Peak Performance in just 6 minutes a day.“

You being here, reading these lines, that means already a big deal to us, because we are on a mission! As Reishi Warriors we are on a mission to make a difference in people's lives, across the globe!

At this point you can go one of two ways, either you are watching this out of an interest for yourself to begin with and enhance your own health, or you are looking into becoming a Reishi Warrior.

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